Learn real estate investing with like-minded investors in the Phoenix area!

"The information is incredible and the community is second to none."

Paul on Yahoo Answers

The benefits of the Renatus education:

  • Proven system that creates successful investors
  • Guidance by a local mentor and a community that meet weekly
  • Earn money while you learn!
  • Rollover your 401K to real estate without any penalties

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Testimonials and Success Stories

"In 18 months we’ve been involved in five real estate transactions.... and Renatus has given us the confidence to do these deals" Dan & Lori Gleason
Phoenix, AZ Community
"In my first year I generated just under $200,000 in profit" Dr. Gary Lawrence
Phoenix, AZ Community
"Within a six month period my wife and I were able to create a six figure income." J. Massey

Why choose Renatus over the competition?

Renatus cares about it's students. That's why we've formed local communities in nearly every state, who are committed to helping you succeed. We're not like the REI "gurus" that take your money for a weekend seminar and are never to be seen again.

What You'll Learn With Our Education

  • Real Estate 101
  • Tax and Legal Strategies
  • Real Estate and Retirement Plans (Intro To IRAS)
  • Real Estate Red Flags
  • Creative Acquisition Strategies
  • Finding The Deal of The Decade Every Week
  • Finding Hungry Buyers For Your Deals
  • Fix and Flip
  • Lease Options
  • Short Sales
  • Multi-Family Dwellings
  • Notes, Tax Deeds and Liens
  • How to Pay Your Mortgage Off in 5 to 7 Years
  • How to Improve and Repair Your Credit
  • More

Renatus Instructor Interview

Watch Chris Wilson Instructor Interview
"Either you spend 30 years and learn through the School of Hard Knocks, like I did; or you take a little bit of time and get quality Real Estate Education... Renatus provides a no BS education and then give you the tools to go do it." Chris Wilson
Phoenix, AZ

Meet with like-minded real estate investors locally... not over the phone or computer.

We have communities throughout the U.S. including a growing community in Phoenix, AZ.